Experiencing Christ, Offering Christ to Others


Upcoming Meetings & Events

June 29 Pickleball Gym 6-8pm Thursday’s Evening $1.00/night
July 2  9 am ASP Team Commissioning Service
         10 am Reception for the Shuford’s (No Sunday School)
         11 am Service Rev. Mike Shuford’s 

Pastor Transition Week
July 3 Moving truck, Shuford’s—loading team @ Parsonage
July 5 & 6 Cleaning & Spruce up Team @ the Parsonage 
July 7 1pm Moving truck unloading team @ Parsonage
July 9 10 am ASP Team returns Meet & Greet between services 
           9 & 11 am Rev. Paige Pritchard leads us in Worship 

July 11 6:30 pm Church Management Board meets
July 16 Rev. Dana M. Bunn’s 1st Sunday leading us in 
             Worship this will be a joint service, pre-music begins at 10:30am in the Sanctuary with a Reception & Covered dish Luncheon in the CLC
July 20 6:30 pm Finance Committee meets
July 24 Pastor Dana’s Birthday & Gym Floors to be refinished 
             no traffic of any kind on floor for the whole week!!!!
July 27 6:30 pm Property Team meets
July 28 ELC Summer program ends

August 10 (Set-Up) 11 & 12 UMW Guild Annual indoor 
Rummage Sale

August 21st: $5.00 parking ELC fund raiser during the Solar 
Eclipse Event. 
August 22: ELC School Year Begins & Public Schools 1st Day

September 19 Flu Shot Clinic 11am-1pm in the Asbury Rm.

If you want an activity announced please contact the Church office 828-586-2358 in ADVANCE! Bulletin prints on Thursday.

Sunday Night Live Adult & Child—We will be inactive in June & early July