Experiencing Christ, Offering Christ to Others

Governance Committees

Management Team

This team consists of the leaders of the Property, Human Resource, and Finance sub-committees along with the Treasurer, Pastor, recording secretary, Team Chair and Vice Chair.  All positions are elected at the Annual Charge Conference.

Annually, the church invites all members to a Charge Conference in late fall in order to vote on important matters of administration and ministry. This Charge Conference represents the highest level of temporal authority within the local church.

In order to provide oversight and leadership throughout the year, the Management Team serves as our Charge Conference’s executive agency, monitoring ministry progress, property conditions and needs, human resource needs and issues and vote on important matters.

Sub-Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development

This sub-committee oversees the identification, development and care for the lay leadership for Sylva FUMC leaders. Its key responsibility is preparing the annual nomination slate of officers.

Finance Sub-Committee

The Finance sub-committee develops and administers a coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies and procedures for the church. It oversees the financial health, the annual audit, provides financial direction, and communicates the church’s financial condition to the Management Team.

Human Resources Sub-Committee formerly SPRC

The HR sub-committee acts as a liaison between the congregation and its staff and clergy. The committee sets employment policy, guides the work of the staff and works to ensure that First Sylva is a fulfilling place to work.

Property Sub-Committee formerly Board of Trustees

This sub-committee is charged with the care and maintenance of all church property - and holds title to the church's property, buildings and equipment. Key items include establishing policies and practices regarding church property and its uses.

Faith Development Team

The Faith Development team is made up of the; Pastor, Chair and Vice Chair of the Management Team, Director of Spiritual Development; child, youth and young adult, the Lay Leader, 9am Worship Leader, 11am Music Director, Prayer Ministries Coordinator, Missions Coordinator, special events coordinator, small groups coordinator, UMW president, UMM president, UM youth representative and representatives of the child and youth advisory boards, and a recording secretary all elected during annual charge conference. 

This group is focused on the mission of the church, the quality and quantity of the faith development opportunities provided and design of future opportunities to be offered. They are tasked with making sure it is “well with our souls” and to be oversee our outreach to those under-churched, un-churched and those in need in our local communities and connectionally throughout the world.

Foundation Board

The Sylva First Foundation Board generates awareness of gift planning and promotes planned gifts as well as receives, invests, and administers in trust for Foundation bequests, trusts and trust funds.