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Sylva FUMC Foundation

Purpose of the Foundation

The Sylva First United Methodist Church Foundation, Inc. (SFUMCF) was established to provide us, FUMC members and friends, ways to give back to a church that has nurtured and uplifted us through good times, such as the marriage of our children or the baptism of our grandchildren, as well as sad times of illness and death.

A bequest from your estate could fund ministries that meet the needs of our church and/or community through one or more Networking For Christ ministries. For example, the gift of a life insurance policy could endow a current or future staff position, or a gift of real estate could provide scholarships for our youth to participate in ASP for many years to come. Memorial and Honor giving can be the “ground floor” of establishing a legacy through estate planning. Alternatively, gifts can be recognized as anonymous.

The SFUMCF Board of Directors receives and administers to all bequests and other planned gifts given to the church. Gifts given for a specific purpose are used immediately or invested for later use.

SFUMCF partners with the United Methodist Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc. to help you contribute to the church in your own way.

You can view a copy of our brochure "Charitable Planned Giving Opportunities: Your Legacy."
Please read "The Significances of Your Will" for more information about the importance of your will.
You may download your own Foundation Giving Card or pick one up in the Asbury Room, Christian Life Center or Church Office.

You may contact the church office or Al Byers, Foundation Board Chairman, at 828-586-6889 or altonbyers@aol.com for more information.

Memorial & Honor Giving

A gift of remembrance or tribute given in the present for the future! Memorial & Honor giving is an easy and convenient way to remember or give honor to a loved one, friend or some important event. People have both a need and a desire to give. Some want to give now and see the effects of their gift. Others want to give so that their gift will keep on giving long after they are gone. In either case, the Foundation can assist you in responding to the needs of others through Memorial & Honor giving.

Memorial Giving

Memorial giving is a good example of a meaningful way for family, friends and the congregation to remember persons of faith and special events in their life journey. The basic purpose of memorial giving is to remember a deceased person or past event. Church family members who have given in the past have said: “there may be times when I choose to make a memorial contribution in lieu of flowers at the time of a funeral.” Others have said: “we desire to remember someone in our family who died some time ago or make a memorial contribution on the anniversary of the birth or death of a family member or friend.” These and other occasions offer opportunities to make meaningful memorial gifts.

Honor Giving

Honor giving on the other hand, is a way to say “thank you” to a living friend or loved one or to celebrate a special occasion. Our church family has given “honor gifts” to persons for whom they have wanted to do something special. This includes honor gifts for someone who doesn’t need anything, who “has everything”, yet they wanted to do something for him or her. Others have said: “we use honor giving to remember a birthday or anniversary, other special events, or just a good way to say thank you to a friend or church staff member for a job well done.” What better way to express such deep feeling of gratitude, remembrance, and celebration than through the Church.